Treasure Chest
Wild Man Island
On the last day of a sea kayaking trip in southeast Alaska, fourteen-year-old Andy Galloway paddles away from the group. His heart tells him he must visit the place where his archeologist father died trying to solve the mystery of the first Americans. A gale sweeps Andy far across the strait, where he swims onto Admiralty Island, an immense wilderness of forests, rain, and bears. A survival tale becomes much more as Andy encounters a dog running with wolves and then a man toting a stone-tipped spear. The wild man vanishes into the forest, but the dog reappears and leads Andy to the mouth of a cave, where secrets upon secrets begin to unfold. Running for his life, Andy retreats deep into the cave, where danger, suspense, and discovery await.

Awards won for Wild Man Island

Children's Literature Young Adult Choices (2003)
National Science Teachers Association Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students (2003)
Junior Library Guild Selection

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Wild Man Island
Publisher: HarperCollins
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