Treasure Chest
Leaving Protection
When sixteen-year-old Robbie Daniels leaves his home in Port Protection for the nearby fishing town of Craig, king salmon season is less than forty-eight hours away from starting without him. The few skippers who can afford to hire help have already found their deckhands, and time is running out on Robbie’s dream of fishing the open ocean for kings.

He can hardly believe his good fortune when legendary fisherman Tor Torsen unexpectedly hires him on. Working on Tor’s beautiful troller, catching king salmon from dawn till dusk, Robbie is living his dream—until he discovers his mysterious captain’s dark intentions. Tor is not only fishing, he’s searching along the coastline for historic metal plaques buried by early Russian explorers laying claim to Alaska. When Robbie learns how valuable these possession plaques are, he fears he may already know too much to survive. Tor’s wrath and a violent storm at sea put Robbie’s courage and wits to the ultimate test.

Awards & Honors for Leaving Protection

Junior Library Guild Selection

Books for the Teenage, New York Public Library


Leaving Protection
Publisher: HarperCollins
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